VectorPaint 0.6

This script takes the currently selected vector objects and paints the edges of the objects with the current paint brush.  The vector objects can be either lines drawn with the Pen tool, Preset Shapes, or Text.  Just set the paint brush settings any way you want, select the vector object(s) that you want to paint and run the script.

Usage note: Very small paint brush tips don't work as well as you might like for solid lines.  This is partly because the paint brush does not paint with sub-pixel coordinates and partly because the script does not currently try to compensate for the lack of sub-pixel rendering.  If you need a smoother solid line you can render the image twice as large as you want it and resize it down after running the script.  You might also just keep the line as a vector which does do sub-pixel rendering.

Options to explore:

  • Run the script multiple times on the same vector with different Paint Brush settings.
  • Try creating yarn, wire, neon lights.
  • Use different brush tips and presets.
  • Play with variances and jitters.

See also:

VectorTube -  The tube version of this script.

Installation instructions:

Download the file.  Unzip the script and place it in your Scripts-Restricted folder.

To Run:

Open or create a new image.  Select the Paint Brush tool and choose the settings you wish to use.  Select the vector objects that you want to paint in the layer palette .  Select the VectorPaint script in the scripts list and press play.

Change history:

Changes in 0.6 (12/09/03):

  • Added code to ensure neither material is Null before painting.

Changes in 0.5 (12/07/03):

  • More text conversion changes. Reuses stroked object layer if present.

Changes in 0.4 (12/06/03):

  • Work around problem with presets not taking effect.

Changes in 0.3 (12/05/03):

  • Fixed bug in reselection of objects after text conversion.

Changes in 0.2 (11/28/03):

  • Changed to run restricted, added text support, added auto estimate of number of points for curve tracking

Changes in 0.1 (09/11/03):

  • Initial code - Joe Fromm, Peter Ward.  Many thanks Joe and Pete!


Last modified 12/11/2003 01:04:40 AM