Tunnel Brush Redux

This version of the Tunnel brush is actually useful for various effects.  These examples were produced with the foreground white and the background black..

You can produce a variety of things that look 3D such as this:

or this: or this:

Put them together (turn on grid snapping) and you can create things like this:

If you look at the brush variance settings you'll see that these effects are produced by setting both the brush Size and Color Blend variances to Fade Out.  If you also set the brush Thickness to fade out, you get something like this:

If you want to fade from one color to another, just change the foreground and background colors:

To fade to black twice as fast, set Lightness to fade out as well (so both color blend and lightness are fading together):

If you change the brush size, set the fade rate (in the brush variances) to half the brush size or less.  Setting it to over half gives a different effect.

Options to explore:

Installation instructions:

Download the file.  Unzip it and place the result in your Presets folder.

To Use:

Open or create a new image.  Select the Paintbrush tool and select Tunnel from the list or presets.

Change history:

Changes in 0.1 (07/01/03):


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