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Welcome to the Lab at Pixelnook.  Here you'll find works in progress, experiments that may or may not ever see the light of day and other strange beasts.  If you are feeling adventurous, have a look. 

These creatures come with minimal documentation.  Just what you see here and what you may find inside them..  If that's more (or maybe less) than you can handle, check back from time to time.  Worthy candidates will eventually make their way out of the lab and into the upper pages of Pixelnook.

PSP 8 Scripts (place in Scripts-Restricted unless otherwise noted)

Added 09/12/2004

  • Gradient - Shaped - This script fills a selection with a gradient that conforms to the shape of the selection.  It may take a while to run depending on the size of the selection.  Select the gradient to use when the materials picker pops up.  Creates a temp image.  If you put the script in Scripts-Trusted, it will delete the temp image when it is done.

Added 08/29/2004

Added 07/31/2004

  • Full Screen Preview - This is a Seamless Tiling preset. Unzip it and put it in your Presets folder.  Run Seamless Tiling and select Full Screen Preview from the presets list when you want to see a full screen preview of the current result.  Your current settings are not changed.

Added 07/27/2004

  • Pantone from RGB - It displays the closest Pantone color from the current foreground color.

Added 06/09/2004

  • Quick Selection Resize - Make a selection.  Run script to turn the selection into a mask.  Move, resize, rotate, or otherwise deform the mask as desired.  Run script again to turn mask back into a selection.  Handy to use as a BoundScript bound to a shortcut key.

Added 05/31/2004

  • CanvasResize - Simple script to resize the canvas equally on all sides.  Prompt for the number of pixels.
  • Displace - A displacement filter effect.    Add a displacement map layer (blurred images work best) above the layer that you want to displace.  Make sure the displacement map layer is selected and run the script.  Edit the script to change the displacement direction and strength.
  • Joe's Scripts #1 - This is a grab bag of very useful scripts from the PSP 8 beta time frame, written by Joe Fromm, ex-Jasc script guru.  Includes: ApplyToAll, BoundScript5, BoundScript6, Delaminate, DeTube, FilenameOverlay, GlobalTextChange, ImageAnnotate, Laminate, MoveAlphaSelectionToDisk, TextEditSelectedScript, TextSearchAndReplace.
  • Joe's Scripts #2 - More great scripts from Joe Fromm.  Includes: BGFromFG, ContactSheet, FindCreatorData, MergeLinked, TubeInfo.  I'll be providing documentation for these scripts as soon as I get a chance.

Added 03/20/2004

  • Quick Mask - Create a selection. Run the script. The selection will be turned into a mask. You can now edit the selection as a mask using the full PSP tool set including selection. Run the script again (make sure the quick mask layer is selected) and the mask will be converted back to a selection. Suggestion: Use this script as a bound script and assign it a keyboard shortcut.

Added  01/21/2004

  • PaletteToSwatches - Converts the palette of the current image to swatches with the hex values of the colors used for the names.  Allows you to specify a prefix for the swatch names.  Must be placed in your Scripts-Trusted folder in order to create the new swatch files.

Added 01/20/2004

  • CurvesDropper - Allows you to specify up to 5 initial points in the Curves dialog using the eyedropper.
  • FindSelectionPoint - Shows how to fill an arbitrary selection.
  • GradientMap - Applies a gradient to your image.  Creates a temp image.  If you put the script in Scripts-Trusted, it will delete the temp image when it is done.
  • PaletteAddColor - Two scripts that add colors to a palette.  One inserts at index 0 and the other after the last used color.
  • ResetTools - Resets most tools to their default settings.  Good before starting a new project.

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