Text Change Attributes 0.1

This script changes the attributes of vector text objects to match the current text tool settings. By default, all text objects will be changed. If you want only certain text objects to be changed, you can select those objects before running the script.

To use it, switch to the Text Tool and specify the settings you want the text to be changed to in the Text Tool. If you want to change the materials (color, etc.), you can also do that. If you don't want to change all of the text objects then select just the ones that you want changed. You can use shift click to select more than one text object. When you have what you want, run the Text Change Attributes script and the new settings will be applied to the text objects.

Note, this script changes all of the text attributes to match what is currently specified in the Text tool. It can not change just one attribute or a subset of the attributes.  Thus, for example, if you have some bolded text and some not and you change it using this script, all of the text will be bolded or not depending on your settings in the Text tool.

Options to explore:

Installation instructions:

Download the script.  Unzip it and place the script in your restricted scripts folder.

To Run:

Open an image with vector text objects.  Select the Text Change Attributes script in the scripts list and press play.

Change history:

Changes in 0.1 (10/02/03):


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