Swatch Sorter 0.1

This script renames your swatches so that they will sort in orders that PSP 8 doesn't currently support.

This script allows sorting by Hue, Saturation, Lightness, RGB value, Date modified, and Name.  Sorting by H, L, S, or RGB causes those swatches that contain color settings to be sorted by the specified color component. Swatches that don't contain colors settings will sort by name and appear at the end of the color swatches.  Sorting by date places the most recently created swatches at the front.  Sorting by name removes the numeric keys at the beginning of the swatch names that were added by previous applications of the script.

After renaming, your swatch files will look something like "Swatch_[043] Yellow.PspScript" and will display in the Swatches palette as "[043] Yellow".

NOTE: You must tell PSP to sort the swatches by name so that the name changes this script makes will be effective.

If you want your scripts to remain sorted, you will have to run this script after adding new swatches.  If the script detects duplicate names, it will automatically add a number to the end of the swatch name or increment the number at the end if it already exists.  Depending on the order of things, this may cause generically numbered swatches (e.g. Swatch 1, Swatch 2, etc.) to be completely renumbered.

You can use keyboard shortcuts in the dialog.  Either Alt-underlined_letter or just underlined_letter will select the corresponding button. As a convenience, you can also double-click on a sorting style.  Don't tell the UI police. ;)  Escape will cancel the dialog.

This script is BETA.  Do me and yourself a favor and make a backup copy of all your swatches (including those supplied by Jasc) before trying this script out for the first time.  Don't worry too much though.  If something goes wrong, you won't lose your swatches.  At worst, they'll just be oddly named. :)

Installation instructions:

Download the script.  Place the script in your Scripts-Trusted folder (required for the UI, renaming, etc.).

To Run:

Select Swatch Sorter in the list of scripts and press Play.

Change History:

Changes in 0.1 (04/12/03):

Last modified 06/08/2003 06:26:11 PM