SplitToRGB 0.2

This is my version of Split To RGB.  The script uses some channel magic to separate out the Red, Green, and Blue channels and then combines them to form a layer group.  As with my other SplitTo scripts, the layers and blend modes are constructed such that they combine to form the original image!  You can manipulate these layers and see the changes immediately without having to recombine them in a separate step.

Installation instructions:

Download the script.  Place the script in your Scripts-Restricted folder.

To Run:

Open or create a new image.  Select the SplitToRGB script in the scripts list and press play.

Change history:

Changes in 0.2 (05/12/03):

Changes in 0.1 (04/06/03):

Last modified 07/03/2003 10:20:53 PM