Simple Vector Text Trick

Here's a very simple effect with lots of potentially interesting possibilities.

1) Start by creating some large vector text.  The word 'Test' above is 150 pt type.

2) Convert the text to curves as single character shapes (Objects / Convert Text to Curves / As Character Shapes).

3) Pick your little font.  Set the pt size back down to something small like 12 pt and choose a font for the small letters.  Consider turning on the Warp Text feature.  In some cases, the surrounding letters may look better when stretched.  In this example, Warp Text was off.

4) Apply text to each letter curve.  With the text tool still selected, move over the edge of the letter until you see the cursor change to a letter A and a curve.  Click the mouse and in the text box that pops up, enter enough repeated letters to go all the way around the big letter.  Repeat with the rest of the big letters.

Options to explore:

See it in action:

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