Red Eye Removal Brushes 0.1

Here are three paint brush presets that I find make it quick and easy to get good results when removing red eye:

The brush size for each preset is initially quite small. You should adjust it to be about the size of the pupil.

I find that in about 95% of the cases, there is no need to add color to an eye. It just makes it look unrealistic. But, in the other 5%, you can use the Optional Color preset to do it. Select the Foreground color and brush over the iris. Don't worry if some color gets on the pupil. It'll go away in the next step.

Use the Red Eye Removal preset and brush over the pupil to remove the redness. Be careful not to brush over the iris since that's where the eye color should be. This will remove the red eye without removing the details in the eye.

If the pupil is too light, use the Optional Darken Pupil preset to brush over the pupil once or twice. This will darken the pupil without destroying the highlight.

Here are before and after shots (enlarged 2x):

Note the iris of the eye on the right has been recolored to a light green in the after shot.

Why use this rather than PSP's Red Eye Removal effect?  The Auto Human Eye setting is good for completely reconstructing an eye but I rarely need to do that.  Most of the time I find it takes quite a bit of fiddling to get something that I like and, in cases like the one above, more post editing to remove the excess effect (masking the iris and pupil circles the effect produces to match the shape of the eye).  When I use the Red Eye Removal effect, I almost always use it in freehand pupil outline. In this mode, it is possible to get very good results. You can play with the settings so that some iris and pupil detail remains and so that the highlight remains relatively intact. However, I have found that using the brush presets is faster and easier almost all of the time (at least for me). Your mileage may vary.

Behind the preset scenes, what's going on:

The Optional Color preset paints your chosen color in Softlight blend mode. This applies the color without being too overpowering. The Red Eye Removal preset desaturates the pupil by painting gray with a Saturation blend mode. The Optional Darken Pupil preset paints a dark gray in Softlight blend mode. That has the effect of darkening the darks more than the lights and thus preserving the pupil highlights.

Installation instructions:

Download the files.  Place them in your Presets folder.

To Run:

Open an image.  Select the Paintbrush tool.  Select the one of the three Red Eye Removal presets in the Presets list and use it as described above.

Change history:

Changes in 0.1 (03/17/03):


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