PSP 7 Preset Converter 1.1

This script will create PSP 8 presets from PSP 7 presets and place them in your PSP 8 presets directory.  It will also check for and optionally copy any textures and/or patterns that the PSP 7 presets used to your PSP 8 directories. 

Installation instructions:

Download the zip.  Unzip the file and place the script in your Scripts-Trusted folder (required for UI, preset lookup, and optional texture/pattern copying).

To run:

Bring up PSP 8, select PSP7 Preset Converter in the list of scripts and press the play button.  Select the From and To locations and press Convert.  The Script Output window will show the presets being converted (note, your PSP 7 presets will not be changed in any way).

When all of the presets have been processed, two dialogs may pop up asking you if you want to copy over textures and patterns that were used by your presets but that aren't present in PSP 8 directories. You can choose to copy the files from your previous PSP 7 directories, choose
alternate directories to copy the files from, or skip this step. These dialogs will repeat until all of the missing textures and patterns are found, or you press skip.

All patterns and textures you choose to copy, are copied to your PSP 8 save to directory. This is set in PSP 8's File Locations dialog. If you wish to change this location, you may do so before the conversion starts by using the File Locations button in the initial conversion dialog.

After the textures and patterns have been resolved, the Script Output window will list any files that couldn't be converted (such as non-preset files in your Presets directory).

Change History:

Changes in 1.1 (10/01/03):

Note: Because of the texture name change, some Texture presets that were converted prior to 8.10 may not work properly in 8.10.  Specifically those that use Letters 2, Daze 2, crumpled Paper 3, and Sidewalk 2 will not find the renamed textures and will use the first texture in the list instead.  To fix this, you can either reconvert the presets or edit the converted presets with a text editor and change the names to include the zeroes by hand.

Changes in 1.0 (05/19/03):

Changes in 0.8 (04/16/03):

Changes in 0.7 (03/29/03):

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