Kaleidoscope Randomize 0.2

Presets always produce the same results every time they are loaded right?  Not when I write them. :)  This preset, unlike most others, produces different results each time it is loaded!  It is very similar to pressing the randomize button except that not all of the controls are randomized.  In this instance, the Edge mode is left unchanged since randomizing it often produces undesirable results.

All from the same image and same preset:

Options to explore:

Installation instructions:

Download the file.  Unzip it and place the preset in your Presets folder.

To Run:

In the Kaleidoscope Effect preset menu, select Randomize and the settings will be randomized.  For different settings, load the preset again..

Change history:

Changes in 0.2 (05/24/03):

Changes in 0.1 (02/21/03):


Last modified 07/03/2003 10:14:36 PM