Creator Information 0.4

This script duplicates the Image Information / Creator Information dialog. It's purpose is to provide quicker access to this dialog and thus make it easier to view and change the information.  The fastest way to access this script is as a BoundScript assigned to a keyboard shortcut.

If you want the dialog to start with keyboard focus in the description field, edit the script and uncomment the lines specified in the __init__ method.

If you want to set defaults for the fields, to be used when no other information is present, edit the script and follow the instructions at the beginning of the script.

Installation instructions:

Download the script.  Place the script in your Scripts-Trusted folder (required for the UI).

To Run:

Select Creator Information in the list of scripts and press Play (or use it as a boundscript with a keyboard shortcut).

Change History:

Changes in 0.4 (01/05/04):

  • Added easily changeable defaults for title, artist, copyright, and description.  Just edit the script and add your text where the comments tell you to.

Changes in 0.3 (10/10/03):

  • Intended for use with PSP 8.10
  • Add file name to dialog.
  • Remove no longer needed unicode calls.
  • Fixed problem with extra newline being added at the end of the description.

Changes in 0.2 (04/12/03):

  • This change fixes a beta 6 incompatibility (modifed -> modified).

Changes in 0.1 (04/03/03):

  • Original version.

Last modified 01/05/2004 10:35:09 PM