Create Tiling Brushes 0.2

These two scripts (Create Tiling Brush 1x and Create Tiling Brush 4x) create tiling brushes from whatever brush you choose. When you paint with a tiling brush, the resulting image tiles perfectly.

Create or choose an image to work on. Image size is important (see restrictions below). Choose the brush tip in the Paint Brush brush selector window and then run one of the scripts. It will create a new brush tip called -Tiling Brush-. The new brush tip is just the old brush tip replicated 9 times in a 3x3 grid. You'll have to select it from the brush selector window before you can use it.

The 1x script creates a tiling brush that tiles only once on the image. The 4x script creates a brush that tiles 4x on the image.

Once you create the brush tip, you can use it with any brush tool. The brush is created specifically for the particular image you chose based on the image size. If you want to edit a different sized image, you'll need to recreate the tiling brush.

Since this is only an approximation of a true tiling brush, there are a couple of restrictions. One, the image size is limited by the max brush size which is 500 pixels. For the 4x brush, the image size plus the brush size can't exceed 500. For the 1x brush, twice the image size plus the brush size can't exceed 500. If it does, the script will tell you and you'll have to make one or both smaller. Two, with the 4x brush, make sure the center brush always stays on the canvas or the image won't tile properly when you're done. This is not a problem with the 1x brush (although you have to make sure that at least one brush stays on the image).


The image on the left was produced with a 1x tiling brush while the image on the right was done with a 4x brush.

I tend to prefer the 1x brush although tiling is easier to preview using the 4x brush.  For an even better preview of the tiling, go to Effects / Image Effects / Seamless Tiling.  Click on the Show tiling preview button and then on the Show original button in the preview window that pops up.  Drag the window to expand the view and zoom out to see how the tile repeats.

Installation instructions:

Download the scripts.  Place the scripts in your Scripts-Restricted folder.

To Run:

Open or create a new image.  Select one of the Create Tiling Brush scripts in the list of scripts and press play.

Change History:

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