ColorizeFromRGB 0.1

The PSP Colorize command allows you to specify the Hue and Saturation and uses the Luminance from the image.  Matching an existing color can be hard.  Rather than trying to eyeball it, a better way is to figure out what the Hue and Saturation of the color is and use that.  You can do that by entering the color in the materials picker and noting the H and S settings, or you can use this script which does that for you.

This script can be used in two ways.  The first way is with the interactive script playback toggle set to on.  In this mode, the script will bring up the materials picker and allow you to choose the color to be used.  At this point, you can enter a color in any of the normal ways such as via the eye dropper, rgb values, hex values, color swatches, etc.  The colorize dialog is then brought up so that you can fine tune your choice.  The second way is with the interactive toggle set to off.  When run this way, the script will simply use what ever the foreground color is.

Note: The luminance of the color used has no effect on the colorize effect.  The luminance values come entirely from the image being colorized.  Thus is you colorize a light image with a dark color, you will get a light version of that color in the image.

Installation instructions:

Download this file.  Unzip it and place the script in your Scripts-Restricted folder.

To Run:

Open or create a new image.  Select the ColorizeFromRGB script in the scripts list and press play.

Change history:

Changes in 0.1 (06/14/03):


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