Brushy 0.4

This script paints randomly with a wide variety of 'brush' tools. It can paint with any of the following tools: Airbush, Background Eraser, Burn, Change To Target, Color Replacer, Dodge, Emboss, Eraser, Fill, Hue Up/Down, Lighten/Darken, Magic Wand, Picture Tube, Saturation Up/Down, Sharpen, Soften, and the Warp Brush. If you use it with the magic wand, make sure you set the mode to Add (or Remove) in the toolbar first.

If a selection is present, it will paint within the bounding selection rectangle. It will ask if you want the selection to be removed before painting starts (this allows the brush impressions to avoid being clipped by the selection).

If the tool you have chosen uses a material (e.g. Airbrush, Change To Target, Color Replacer, Fill, & PaintBrush), you will be asked if you want to use the image color to paint with. If you say yes, the image color for each impression will change according to what's under the brush at the time.  If you have a lot of patience and don't mind waiting a long time, this can produce very nice impressionistic results.

The script will ask you how many brush impressions you want. This is how many times it will 'click' the brush on the canvas. Don't make this too large unless you have plenty of time to kill. ;)

Important: Select the brush tool and the settings you want to use, before running the script.  If you forget to do this, Brushy will use whatever tool you used last which can be confusing (or generate an error if it can't find one).  The script uses whatever tool settings you choose including brush variances, blend modes, etc. so many different effects are possible.

For the examples below, I added fog to the lake and, on the other, just threw a half dozen or so random effects together.

Installation instructions:

Download the script.  Place the script in your restricted scripts folder.

To Run:

Open or create a new image.  Optionally create a selection.  Select a brush tool to use.  Select Brushy in the list of scripts and press play.

Change History:

Changes in 0.2 (05/06/03):

Changes in 0.4 (11/13/03):

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